• Zadek, Walter

    Biographical details: 26 March 1900 in Berlin – 20 December 1992 in Holon, Israel
    Occupation: Bookseller, publicist, photographer
    Exile: 1933 Netherlands, 1933 Palestine
    Walter Zadek fled to the Netherlands across the "green border". In late 1933 he emigrated again to Palestine. There he distributed the books of European exile publishers as a wholesaler and worked as a publicist and photographer. In 1940 he founded the second-hand Logos Bookshop. After 1945, he became an important supplier to German libraries, including the later German Exile Archive 1933–1945.
  • Zahari, Magda

    Biographical details: 29 November 1897 in Oster, Russia (now: Ukraine) – ?
    Magda Zahari had emigrated to Uruguay back in 1930. There, she committed herself to the Kulturklub deutschsprechender Arbeiter [Culture Club of German-speaking Workers] and was politically very active. She distributed leaflets and magazines to enlighten people about National Socialism. She was one of the first members of the German Anti-Fascist Committee, which was founded in July 1941.
  • Zernik, Clementine (née Bloch, divorced Bern)

    Biographical details: 28 September 1905 in Vienna, Austria-Hungary – 31 December 1996 in New York, USA
    Occupation: Lawyer, librarian
    Exile: 1938 USA
    In the USA Clementine Zernik could not continue to practise as a lawyer. She first earned a living by doing occasional work. She also campaigned for the interests of Austrian emigrants in the USA. From 1942 she offered her language skills and political commitment to the British Information Service in the USA and later the American Broadcasting Station in Europe (ABSIE) in London.
  • Zweig, Lotte (née Perls)

    Biographical details: 20 June 1908 in Breslau (now: Wrocław, Poland) – 1 May 1963 Frankfurt am Main
    Exile: 1938 Kenya
    Remigration: 1947 Germany/Western occupation zones
    Lotte Zweig emigrated to Kenya in June 1938 with her daughter Stefanie. Her husband Walter Zweig had taken a job there a few months previously as a farm manager. After the outbreak of the Second World War Lotte and Stefanie Zweig were forcibly held for a period in a hotel in Nairobi. The son Max was born in 1946. The Zweigs returned to Germany in 1947.
  • Zweig, Stefanie

    Biographical details: 19 September 1932 in Leobschütz (now: Głubczyce, Poland) – 25 April 2014 in Frankfurt am Main
    Occupation: Journalist, writer
    Exile: 1938 Kenya
    Remigration: 1947 Germany/Western occupation zones
    The 5-year-old Stefanie Zweig emigrated with her mother Lotte in June 1938 to Kenya. Her father worked there from the start of 1938 as a farm manager. Stefanie Zweig lived first on the farm and then, after the introduction of compulsory education, mainly in a boarding school. In 1939, she was interned briefly with her mother at a hotel in Nairobi. The Zweigs returned to Germany in 1947.
  • Zweig, Walter

    Biographical details: 5 September 1904 in Sohrau (now: Żory, Poland) – 9 January 1959 in Frankfurt am Main
    Occupation: Lawyer
    Exile: 1938 Kenya
    Remigration: 1947 Germany/Western occupation zones
    Walter Zweig emigrated early 1938 to Kenya where he worked as a farm manager. His family followed him in June. Zweig was interned in Camp Ngong after the start of the Second World War. In 1942, he joined the East African army. In the spring of 1947, the Zweig family returned to Germany, as Zweig was offered a post as a judge in Frankfurt am Main.