• Werfel, Franz

    Biographical details: 10 September 1890 in Prague, Austria-Hungary (now: Czech Republic) – 26 August 1945 in Beverly Hills, USA
    Occupation: Writer, poet
    Exile: 1938 France, 1940 USA
    Franz Werfel left Austria after the annexation, as his works were classified as "seditious". Two years later, he was no longer safe in France either and fled on foot across the Pyrenees. Werfel enjoyed great success with his books in the USA and could earn a decent living from the income. His novel "The Song of Bernadette", which he had written out of gratitude for his successful escape, was on the bestseller lists for months.
  • Wronker, Lili (née Cassel)

    Biographical details: 5 May 1924 in Berlin
    Occupation: Illustrator, calligrapher, designer
    Exile: 1938 United Kingdom, 1940 USA
    Lili Wronker emigrated to England with her sister and father in 1938. There she attended the Stoatley Rough School, a boarding school where mainly German refugee children were taught. They reached the USA in 1940 (this time including her mother), where Wrpnker later studied art. The first children's book she illustrated, "The Rainbow Mother Goose", was published in 1947.