• Kapit, Hanna (née Elias, 1. marriage: Husserl)

    Biographical details: 16 June 1917 Vienna, Austria-Hungary – 9 June 2011 in New York, USA
    Occupation: Psychoanalyst
    Exile: 1938 USA
    After the annexation of Austria, Hanna Kapit was not permitted to continue her studies at the University of Vienna. The family emigrated to the USA. Hanna Kapit continued her psychology studies. After obtaining her Bachelor's degree she began working as a teacher while proceeding with her studies at Columbia University in New York. She then completed her training as a psychoanalyst.
  • Kohn, Hein (Heinz)

    Biographical details: 25 March 1907 in Augsburg – 1 October 1979 in Hilversum, Netherlands
    Occupation: Literary agent, publisher
    Exile: 1933 Netherlands
    Based on the model of the Büchergilde Gutenberg [Gutenberg Book Guild], Hein Kohn founded a publishing company in the Netherlands in 1933. He published in Dutch e.g. works of writers who were persecuted in Germany. After the occupation of the Netherlands, he went underground and joined the resistance. Kohn was arrested during a raid in 1942, but managed to flee from the labour camp and went into hiding until the war ended.
  • Kralovitz, Rolf

    Biographical details: 15 June 1925 in Böhlitz-Ehrenberg (now part of Leipzig) – 21 June 2015 in Cologne
    Occupation: Actor, cabaret artist, author
    Exile: 1946 from the Soviet occupation zone (Leipzig) to the Western occupation zones (Munich), 1949 USA
    Remigration: 1953 Germany/FRG
    The pupil Rolf Kralovitz was discriminated against from an early age for being Jewish. His father failed in his attempts to get the family to Hungary. In 1940, they had to give up their flat and move into a ghetto building. In October 1943, Kralovitz was deported to the Buchenwald concentration camp where he was forced to work for the German armaments industry. He was the only family member to survive the Holocaust.